How to be the Most Obnoxious Person at a Football Game



Over Norway:
Over Yellowknife, Canada:
 ISS Flying Over Earth- Auroras and Lightning (Just incredible. I want to be an astronaut so badly):
A time lapse video, but you can get a feel for the variety of movements auroras display:
The characteristics of these lights are probably most similar to what I saw in Potsdam (in addition to the photos in the last link in this post, below). Once again, a time lapse:
I was fortunate enough (the first time I saw the Northern Lights) to be directly below the auroral band, which was surreal–I didn’t quite recognize what I was seeing as an aurora at first. I can only describe it as what appeared to be an apex of sorts, with shimmering lights emanating from the center. The colors in the photos in the below link are far more vivid, but resemble what I saw in shape/movement: